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Practice Areas

Vigorous Defense of Your Rights

Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime can be crippling causing severe damage to your reputation, career, and relationships with loved ones. No matter how seemingly minimal a crime may appear or state of innocence, criminal charges should never be taken lightly. It is critical to seek legal counsel immediately. O. Mitchell Law Group specializes in aggressive […]

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False Arrest

If you’ve been accused of a crime and face the possibility of going to jail, you already understand the seriousness of your situation. When faced with a grim criminal charge, you need an attorney who will treat your case with equal severity: an attorney that understands what hangs in the balance for you and your […]

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Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a legal dispute involving two or more parties seeking money damages or some specific performance other than criminal sanctions. They must head to the courtroom for trial so a judge or jury can decide the matter. O. Michelle Law Group specializes in civil litigation. While many civil lawsuits are settled far in advance […]

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Mitchel Law Group offers U.S. immigration assistance to clients around-the-world with their U.S. immigration needs. We are primarily known for our exceptional results and our industry leading client service. Our hallmarks are both excellence of work product and and excellence of service. Immigration Solutions Business Visas Visa Solutions for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses Owners […]

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Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice refers to professional negligence by a health care professional or provider in which treatment provided was substandard, and caused harm, injury or death to a patient. In the majority of cases, the medical malpractice or negligence involved a medical error, possibly in diagnosis, medication dosage, health management, treatment or aftercare. The error may […]

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Meet The Team

The People Behind O. Mitchell Law Group

Neville O. Mitchell

Biography: Neville O. Mitchell was born on the Caribbean Island of Jamaica. He was raised by his mother, Rosetta Hooker- a Nurse’s aide, his late father David Mitchell- a Police Officer, and his beloved late Grandmother Agatha Mitchell. He attended the prestigious Kingston College, a high school for boys. In 1977 he migrated to the […]

Damien Brown, Esq.

  Biography: Mr. Brown is a graduate from Georgetown Law University. Upon graduating law school, he took a job with the Bronx District Attorney’s office, as a Assistant District Attorney.  In 2000, Mr. Brown went into private practice, and has been a successful trial attorney since. Damien M. Brown has 20 years of experience, the […]

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