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 The art and science of thriving. 

A Professional Development Webinar  and Legal Experts Series

About us

A community of experts

united to help.

Black Lives Matter


We are working to grow the network of verified experts to participate in information-based webinars to deliver more access to 

more people to qualified expert knowledge. 

Everyone is entitled to expert help.

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Entrepreneurs.The Gig Economy. Creatives. Healthcare 

Professionals. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses. Non-profits.


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Getting ready for the post-COVID-19 world is disrupting every facet of life worldwide. For all those who have been affected, we provide reliable insights and strategies. Our mission is to help you navigate through this. We deliver usable knowledge and not just information.

We'll get through this together.

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  • June   2020
  • June   2020
  • April   2020
  • May  9, 2020
  • What you Need to Know: The New Post-COVID-19 Legal Landscape.
       (Part 1)
  • What you Need to Know: The New Post-COVID-19 Legal Landscape.
       (Part 2) 
  • What you Need to Know: Leadership in the Era of the New Normal 
  • What you Need to Know: How to Tell Your Rise-up story. Let's Get Creative-

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The Boss Mission

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Our mission is to provide access to verified boss experts with the credentials and experience you need

that will help you thrive and rise-up.  

Everyone is entitled to success.

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We have served our communities since 1994. We formally changed our name in 2002 and have been expanding geographically. After taking a pause in many years, we reemerged in 2019 to help thousands of everyday people tackle everyday legal issues. The Mitchell Law Group PC, Corp is dedicated to excellent legal advice and counsel to help you rise-up out any problem.

The eagle victory bird is the symbol of strength, persistence, and agility.

Lawology is an emerging symbol of the power of an alliance of legal and business experts supporting a community of do -it -your self litigants and experts.



The Mission
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